Yatra Yoga is an association based in Normandy, France, which offers you to practice yoga in authentic and affordable places to make you connect with nature. The association offers retreats in France, Spain and Mexico. Yatra Yoga also moves to your place to offer you private lessons.

The word « Yatra » means journey in Sanskrit, a journey in the spiritual as well as the physical sense. At Yatra Yoga, we will show you how to deepen the meaning of your holiday through the practice of yoga. We bring you to sites specially chosen to enhance a feeling of ease. These places are authentic, comfortable, and affordable. There, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, our teachers will guide you in daily yoga practice that enhances well-being. In addition, Yatra Yoga organises other vacation activities to help you explore your surroundings and to live fully in the present moment. For a holiday of mindfulness and letting go …

Our teachers:

Audrey Billard:
Born under the Caribbean sun, from the start Audrey has had a sense of adventure and a taste for travel. She has explored dozens of countries in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. After spending ten years in television and film production in France, she trained as a hatha and ashtanga yoga teacher at the Schee Hari Yoga School in Southern India. She continues to feed her passion for discovery: in 2018 she graduates with a degree from the University of Strasbourg in « Traditional peoples: a multidisciplinary view of cosmogony and traditional medicine ». To obtain this degree, she conducted a study about the impact of ecotourism on the preservation of cultural and traditional heritage in Los Tuxtlas, in Veracruz state, Mexico. Through the practice of yoga, she discovered a philosophy of life that she wants to share with others by teaching a hatha yoga respectful of the Indian tradition. A gentle but intense meditative practice that allows you to work deeply in your self-awareness. She teaches in French, English and Spanish and offers classes open to all levels and bodies. Over a given period, she offers to set with you physical and / or emotional objectives and work with you to achieve them.

Other teachers will soon join our structure …